Usher 1F Research and COVID-19

We have been thinking of our Usher 1F family during these difficult times and hope you are staying healthy and managing during this stressful time. We hope that those who rely on others to navigate grocery shopping and other essential services are able to get the help you need. Please check out the webpage of resources set up by the Usher Syndrome Coalition. In light of the spread of COVID-19, the health and well-being of everyone is our primary concern as we endeavor to continue carrying out our mission.

We have received updates from all of our Usher 1F researchers, letting us know how they are managing the shutdown. Fortunately, they are allowed to have one person go into the lab to look after the animal models, our zebrafish and mice. While they are unable to conduct any lab work, they are using this time to analyze already collected data, to order materials they will need once they are up and running again, and to explore options for outsourcing some work to commercial research organizations, which are not all shut down. 

Stay safe and healthy!