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By Jessica Picanzo, Andi and Aaron’s mom

This is Andi and Aaron Picanzo. Andi is a beautiful, outgoing two-year-old. She loves to play outside, sing and dance to music, and help take care of her little brother! When Andi failed the newborn hearing screening, we followed through with genetic testing to find out the cause of her hearing loss. We learned when she was eight-months-old that Andi has Usher Syndrome type 1F. Two months later, she had cochlear implant surgery and has far exceeded our expectations! Aaron is two-months-old and also has Usher Syndrome. Finding a cure for Usher Syndrome would mean the world to our family and give Andi and Aaron the chance at a normal childhood and life without having to wonder when their world will go dark. We are desperate but hopeful for a cure for our children.