By Ally Doerrmann, Chase’s mom

Meet Chase! – An amazing 7-year-old who was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome type 1F in July 2017. Chase is in first grade, plays baseball, basketball, soccer, and each year the list gets longer (one tired mom). I knew in my heart when I noticed Chase having trouble in the dark on a family camping trip to Knoebels that something was wrong. Now, two years later, Chase is still rocking it and an all-around great kid who loves sports, swimming, dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, and being with his friends. As devastating as it was for my husband and me to find out that Chase has a disease that could eventually take his vision, and our hearts broke to think he might not be able to do the things he accomplishes now, we know anything is possible and we will stop at nothing! The Ushers' community has been nothing short of amazing. The day I found out about Chase, I had other moms message me right away. I never felt alone and immediately found comfort in them. We can only hope for some sort of treatment or cure because no child or adult deserves to lose their vision, but that will not stop us from trucking through life with smiles on our faces.