By Stacey Ashlund, Brendan's mom

"He cannot ride a bike because he can’t see other bicyclists or cars until they are right in front of him, when there’s not enough time to stop. He is learning to use a white cane, but like other teenagers, doesn’t like to be seen as different or disabled. His biggest wish is a 'fix' for his vision loss like he has for his deafness."

Brendan Creemer, age 17, who has Usher 1F, has been accepted and will attend SSTP (Secondary Student Training Program), a summer program at the University of Iowa for a five-and-a-half week research internship program for high schoolers interested in science. He will be studying and conducting research under the mentorship of faculty at the Institute for Vision Research (Dr. Edwin Stone’s lab) for gene editing and stem cell research to treat genetic blindness due to Usher Syndrome and other disorders.

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