Our Vision is Their Vision

In 3 to 5 years it will be possible for...

Each of these seven beautiful people suffers from a rare, congenital disease, usher syndrome 1F.

Due to this condition, all seven were born deaf, and while coping with their hearing loss, they are also tragically losing their sight.  The mission of Usher 1F Collaborative is to rapidly fund medical research to find an effective treatment to rescue vision for Zachary, Dorie, Harry, Tzila, Jax, Chase, Andi and all of those who suffer from this devastating syndrome.

Investing in Our Next Chapter

Seeing Forward is a 3-Year Major-Gift Fundraising Initiative to Meet Our Next Bold Goals on a Rapid Path Toward a Cure

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We have raised $459,250.00 of our $3,015,000.00  goal.
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No gift is too small or too large

In our effort to achieve these goals, and we invite everyone to participate in our quest to SEE FORWARD.

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Philanthropic Investors will Help MoveScience from Lab to Patients More Rapidly

There is an exciting window of opportunity for inspirational donors to help achieve a breakthrough for those suffering from Usher syndrome 1F. As science is reaching a critical tipping point, such donors will help the Collaborative to increase speed as well as to derisk the development process for new drugs and therapies as shown in the diagram on the left.


The Collaborative is currently at step #3.

Seeing Forward is a comprehensive initiative to advance rapidly toward step # 6—curative therapies. 

Stories of giving

"Time is not on our side for my sister Dorie and others. Therefore, my wife Elizabeth and I decided to increase our own donations to maximize funding for researchers who are so close to treatments and a cure. It's a race against time, and we need everyone's maximum support."